Website Development and SEO Marketing for New Business Owners


All of the digital marketing for your business takes place on your website.  Although there are various forms of marketing, the one that always heads the list is organic search.

Unfortunately, many businesses don't start thinking about search engine optimization (SEO) until after their website has been designed already.  Those websites tend to lack what is needed for ranking high in the organic search results. 

The combination of SEO and website design is a critical component of your digital business.  We will be teaching you in this guide what you need to do when you are building your website to please Google so that you can achieve good rankings.

When a website is built around SEO, it will enable the search engines to have open access so that their robots will be able to read the pages on the site.  When search engines can crawl and understand the content, that is the first step towards the pages being found and then indexed by the search engines. 

To make your website SEO friendly, you will need to carefully and properly plan and structure your site.


Your business will have a primary domain name for its website.  You might have other domains also.  It is very important to select a domain that makes sense and relates to what your company does.  Any variations of your domain or subdomains should properly point to your main website and redirect to your website's canonical version. 


Your website's content management system (CMS) will play a significant role in how successful your site is.  Many businesses use WordPress.  However, there are other options that are available also.  WordPress does work very well with Google.  Also, in most cases, it is a good system to start with.  When you are selecting a CMS, make sure it will work well with your specific business structure.  Don't just go with whatever your website design company likes. 

Indexing the Website

For the search engines to index your website, they need to be able to access your content and read it.  Text should be the focus when it comes to the content on your website and not flash, video or images.  Although we live in an advanced digital world these days, the written word is still what runs the Internet.  Your website still can look great by placing images in the right places and using the best font.  You also need to make sure that your content is easy to read, clear and concise.

Your Website's Navigation

Considering the navigation of your website is also very important.  When your website is properly structured, the sitemap, URLs and other components will help to point the search engines and your visitors in the right direction.

Most people tend to view navigation as being a menu on the top of your web pages, but there is a lot more to it than that.  When used properly, navigation provides your website visitors with an introduction to your company, what you have to offer and why they should do business with you.  Your website needs to have all-encompassing navigation.

Design with Mobile in Mind

The most popular device that is used for browsing the Internet these days is the mobile phone.  Everyone knows this, including Google.  If you plan to optimize for the search engines, then you need to ensure that your website has a responsive design to cater to those who search using their mobile devices.

Things need to be taken even further in 2018 and beyond.  Responsive websites have existed for many years.  However, technological advances have made improvements to the data networks that mobile devices use.  When you are thinking about your customers, considering those who search using their phones, since that is frequently the only way your business will be found by them.

To fully leverage a mobile-friendly website design, you must think about what mobile users might be looking for.  Someone who is using their phone will interact in a much different way than someone sitting in front of their desktop computer.  Most conversions still take place from desktop computers.  However, most likely their first contact will be through using a mobile device.  
Keep optimizing your website to provide your visitors with the best possible user experience.  If mobile users like what you have to offer, then you will be rewarded with more traffic and greater engagement.

Need for Speed

In some cases, mobile networks are providing more da.  However, page speed still needs to be considered.  If it takes to long for your pages to load, then people will get impatient very quickly.  Unfortunately, not everyone using a mobile device will have high-speed data, and the connection might be lacking.  Ensuring that your pages load fast is an important step towards making sure your website is optimized for the search engines.


The search engine results provide its users with an introduction to your website.  One way this is done is through your meta-description.  The right meta-description, in fact, can make the difference between a searcher clicking on another website and clicking on yours.  This helps to improve your site's visibility, drive traffic and provides many other benefits as well.  The content will usually be a very important part of most pages.  However, if you stop and look at what other sites are doing, you will find that many are still using SEO practices that are outdated, including using keywords improperly and putting them in the wrong places. This no longer works, and you could end up losing your rankings and website visitors if you do this.   

Make sure that your website content provides a clear context.  That would include your navigation, URLs and page titles.  However, make sure you write naturally when you are creating your content.

Engage your readers by providing them with the best possible content.  Use keywords, but make sure you don't overuse them.

Also, remember that the image SEO can drive significant amounts of traffic in the right conditions.  Context is quite important.  Google doesn't scan images yet, and instead uses the content in them.  Therefore, the written content that is on your website needs to be the main way that you optimize your site.

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