Businesses are evolving at a rapid rate with a greater opportunity created by web channels like SEO, SEM and SMO to generate quality leads, amidst of juggernaut competition. And these channels are never stagnant. They are continually bringing changes and creating vast opportunities for digital marketers to grow business they are heading.
If you’ve ever thought that what would be our next digital marketing strategy to stay ahead of the competition, we have some workable ideas that produce real results. Let’s see what those are and how that could impact your bottom line.
1.      Social Marketing
Stories are listened to, stories are read and stories are shared. Now a days, Facebook’s News Feed is seeing a lot of stories promoted by marketers to gain favorable coverage.
I always call social media in my writing that it is the most viral platform on the planet. Why don’t you offer incentive to your fans to share your stories and posts? Absolutely, most of the marketing-driven companies have already reaped fruits from this. The incentive could be discounts or bigger reward points. For example, if you’re heading a restaurant, you can give customers a 10% discount if they share photos of their dining experience on social media, with hashtag. As I just called above, social media is viral, you can deliver more awareness and generate huge traffic. This works significantly better than conventional mediums such as news sites.
Analytics, artificial intelligence, social media, and mobile are correlated platforms and technologies. In fact, every artificial intelligence company USA and UK focuses on social media too feed the right piece of data sets to their algorithm.
2.     Video Marketing
I felt the wonder of videos more recently when I was scrolling down on Facebook with an ample of time I had. Really I was surprised to see 30 videos of out of 40 posts. But what makes it to create a good video is to understand the psychology behind what influences audiences to watch video on ever heavy social channels.
3.     In-store Marketing
In-store marketing needs a talented staff who have a deep understanding of customer behavior pattern and the integrated skill in brick-and-mortar promotions, mobile, and analytics. It is really an added advantage if they possess location technology and classic marketing skills too.
In-store marketing can be applied to all sorts of retail stores, whether it is FMCG, fashion or electronic store. A research by Digital Marketing Institute says nearly three-fourths of millennials explicit that they’re willing to receive location-based mobile alerts.
For example: You walk through a retail store and receive notifications on mobile phone on items that are on sale. Mobile in-store updates also increase shopper’s awareness of current promotions. Personalized notifications are pushed on shoppers’ purchase history.
4.     Smart content
HubSpot defines ‘smart content’ as “content that is intelligently personalized to your customers’ needs”. “One-size-fits-all’ philosophy will no longer work. Smart content should be created on the perception of different buyer personas, so it can fit each customer’s needs and requirements precisely.
Why personalized messages?
HubSpot says that 93,000+ calls-to-action were acquired from its platform over a 1 year period and most of them were personalized and that well connected individual users. Call-to-action that were personalized did 42% better than generic call-to-actions.
For example, you’re a marketer working for a mobile app development company USA, and your targeted industry is mainly retail, and when creating a content on the benefits of mobile apps, you can’t just create it randomly. Instead, your focus should be on conveying the benefits to retailers. So it can make a sense.
Always think and think out of the box if you are a digital marketer focusing on producing quality leads and achieve respected digital branding. And also don’t forget to be up to date with the latest digital brands, so you can easily have an edge over competitors.

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